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bachelor's degree at the university of massachusetts in amherst but she has concerns about the future. >> education is really important, but it's kind of where do you go from here. i feel like it's kind of like hopelessness. >> tom juravich is profferer in massachusetts writing about workers in the american workplace for over 25 years. his most recent book is about the struggling working class. >> we have this notion called the american dream. the dream has been for so many of us, that life would be better for our children. my dad was a factory worker, sent his three kids to state universities. we all went forward never to look back. >> what do you think about the american dream. >> it's a nightmare, a distraction, dream, fantasy. it's not realistic. >> it's not realistic, she says, because jobs are hard to find. good ones, almost impossible. >> we watched our parents get successful jobs. we watched our parents be able to maintain a life in line with the house and picket fence. now it's our time to do this and it's not materializing. the cost of things have risen but wages have stayed
by the massachusetts health reform and affordable care act. professor of economics, mr. grubaer, good morning. >> good to be here. >> you have been quoted in numerous places as saying this idea of fixing this issue for those on the individual market or getting these policy cancellations and policies they would like to keep, saying going down that road is a road that could unravel the law. explain this to me. >> let's start with understanding. we are not talking about the vast majority of americans. this law is those who lose employer insurance and government insurance alone. it's a small minority on the way to the individual market. it's 40%. >> still millions of people. >> exactly. 12 million people and about a 30 will end up paying more under the law. that as you said is the idea. we currently have highly discriminatory systems. if you are going to be sick or get sick, you cannot get health insurance. the only way to end that system is to bring everyone into the system and pay a fair price. that means the winner who is have been paying a low price now will have to pay more. we will have a system whe
, that in the first couple of months in massachusetts, and that's really the only precedent we had, there were only a couple of thousand people who signed up. we also know about the very troubled rollout of the prescription drug site. we do know that fixes could be made. one thing we also know is that if you put a bill on the floor, and that's what i challenge speaker boehner to do, put a bill on the floor to fix it and see if that doesn't devolve into another appeal. remember where they began. first they undermined it. then they tried to repeal it. now they're trying to sabotage it. one of the problems we're having now is that they're having to take money from other parts of hhs because the appropriators have not in fact funded what needed to be done with this site. one of the changes i think that's going to have to happen is that the public is not going to action i believe, be forced to pay a fine if the website isn't up and if the whole thing isn't running more smoothly. i don't think anybody wants to put this over on the public. but nobody for one second believes that my committee, which is now
someone who was an adviser involved, jonathan gruber, an economics professor at the massachusetts institute of technology and behind the massachusetts health care plan, romney care as you may know. so mr. gruber, professor gruber, these numbers are rather disappointing, i would think. do you think that the administration is going to be able to get the website up and running enough to make the 7 million enrollee projection needed by the spring? >> you know, i don't agree with the characterization it's disappointing. i think they're meaningless. look, when we open our system in massachusetts the first month the people could pay premiums and enroll, 123 people enrolled. by the end of the year, it was 36,000. that meant we got .3% of the people the first month. by that state the federal government did great, 1.3% of the people the first month. it's too early to say anything useful. the real deadline we have to focus on is march of next year. that's when the individual mandate kicks in. that's when people need to be signed up and what we saw in massachusetts was a large rush before the
massachusetts. ms. warren: i ask that the quorum call be lifted. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. warren: and i ask for permission to speak as if in morning business. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. warren: thank you. madam president, it hasn't been even a month since the end of the government shutdown and they are already back trying to paralyze the government again. yesterday the kwepbz -- republicans blocked a up-or-down vote on the nomination of nina pilllard. this filibuster comes one week after the republicans filibustered the nomination of patricia millett to the d.c. circuit and less than a year after republicans filibustered caitlin halligan who eventually gave up and withdrew her nomination. republicans now hold the dubious distinction of having filibustered all three women that president obama nominated to the d.c. circuit. now, collectively these women have diverse experiences in private practice, in government and in public interest law. between them, they have argued an amazing 45 cases before the supreme court and have participated in many more. all t
reporters that when the state of massachusetts passed its own law, enrollment there started very slowly, just 123 people in the first month. >> we know experience in the bay >> wooduff: mary agnes carey of kaiser health news is with us again tonight. it's an editorially independent news organization. mary agnes, welcome back to the program. so what did we learn today from the administration's official release of these numbers? >> well, they're lower than expected. administration officials for days, for weeks, have been trying to dampen expectations. these numbers would be great, and they certainly were not. of the 10 6,000 people that have enrolled, you have about a quarter of those through the federal exchanges, and those are in 36 states. that's really a big chunk of states that are being run by the federal government, the exchanges, and then the remaining three-fourths were three the state exchanges set up in about 15 states and the district of column ja. >> woodruff: three to one that number reflects the state exchanges. to what extension is this consistent with what the administrat
before the states office the duo minute massachusetts has the component side of it but there's the fee side it would be tough to have a system be approved on secretaries day to be awarded the privilege to execute a contract and the system to be up in a couple of years >> just is quick question to follow up. the question about an all mail in election you have to be enabled by the state; right? no matter what type of election whatever it is it has to be approved by state >> that goes back and forth. i've heard it through the vote by mail but really it might be r be a question formerly to the city attorney's office >> complaegz any other questions i hope you get some rest and a mr. rose budget analyst report. >> yes. as shown this tables 2 and 3 those tables are on pages 17 and 18 of our report. the proposed cost a as indicated would remain at the same rate of $400,000 plus and 3 hundred plus for maintenance and license agreement and ross the rates that are currently charges under the existing 2007 to 2013 agreement. we also point out over the 3 year shown in table 3 the total costs
the northeast, we've been seeing snow in places like massachusetts, as well as in new york state, in d.c., as well. that's going to start to improve from thursday. we've got high pressure across much of canada and the u.s. today, making for some freeze warnings down in the deep south. your early hours of the morning, wednesday morning, very cold. from thursday, we should start to see things improving. some southerly winds managing to come up and temperatures will improve there. as for the northwest, well, you've got a small system coming in here bringing some showers for the coast and also up in the mountains. some snow showers. it's nothing very intense, but at the weekend there will be a more intense system moving in. down towards the southeast of mexico, heavy rain. most of it falling over the water, but coastal areas will be quite unsettled. wednesday, 5 degrees in toronto, as well as new york city. 8 degrees in d.c., chicago, 3 degrees, 9 in oklahoma city. these temperatures are set to improve from thursday and then into the rest of the work week. on into europe. and things are st
. the medical center in massachusetts. the american civil liberties union say he's being maltreated in prison. here to explain, a criminal defense attorney and an attorney and co-host of "the five" so why is this thug complaining? what's the problem? >> he's saying that these restrictions are excessive and interfering with his right to represent himself. the fact that he's kept in sol te solitary. the person that put the restrictions in place is our own attorney general, eric holder. he did that on august 27th. so the problem is they're saying and aclu is joining in on this with mr. tsarnaev's lawyer saying these are undue restrictions. >> he's isolated from the other prisoners. >> solitary confinement. >> number two, all of his communications are monitored because he's a terrorist. he's a terrorist. is there anything else? >> the other one that's important is attorneys are forbidden from releasing information to outside sources. these are common measures put in place in terrorist cases. >> not a gag order on the attorney. >> it happens in many cases. it's not out of the question. >> in this
at the massachusetts rollout, the massachusetts rollout was just as meager. >> this is not about a website, this poll question, number two. president obama telling americans they could keep their health care plans. he knowingly lied. 50% of those polled in the fox poll, 40% he didn't know. >> well, we know he knew. eric cantor is touting this clip of video from the white house meeting where obama says flat out, seven or eight million people will have to lose their insurance. they knew. the white house aides debated whether he could say this and were overruled by the political people who said he had to say it to help sell the thing. "the new york times" which has been in delicious agony trying to figure out how to characterize what were in effect blatant lies by the president -- >> let me pause there. "the new york times" quote today. the split between lawmakers and the white house reflects the dilemma the president finds himself in as he seeks to follow through on last week's acknowledgement about his incorrect promise on health care coverage of t coverage. hundreds of thousands of people have receiv
people and sickened 751 in 20 states. this issue hits home for me because it started in massachusetts. at the center of this tragedy was the new england compounding center, also known as necc, and it was located in framingham, massachusetts. i met some of these victims of this terrible outbreak and heard about their struggles, like jerry cohen, a resident of pik pikesville, maryland, who went to the doctor for routine steroid injections to treat recurring back pain and received two doses that came from the contaminated lots. jerry suffered a stroke and had to adjust to a new life, dealing with dizziness, nausea, weakness and exhaustion. or melanie, whose mother went into a tennessee hospital to treat an acute back injury she suffered while mowing the lawn. instead of walking out of the hospital, marjorie instead became severely sick, spent months in the hospital and a nursing home and now has permanent -- permanent nerve damage and medical bills that are close to putting her into bankruptcy. for the last decade, complaints aboutsteabout sterility have bed benz necc yet the company was
to massachusetts and the abysmal numbers in the beginning and eventually -- >> 123. >> and the healthier young people come on board and suddenly everyone seems to enjoy what they have available. but, again, knowing the industry the way you do, wendell and having blown the wistle on some of the dirty business, can't say it enough here, what is your major concern now? >> the big concern is waiting for two and a half weeks. one of the things to keep in mind. this is politics. we will see even if we get to 99.9% operation for the website, those who don't want this to be -- to continue will look for that small number of people to be dissatisfied. we know this is going to be a political issue for some time to come. >> all right, thank you all. we appreciate your time. april carey, we'll talk with you soon. >> the woman who became the face of obama care's website, she's now stepping forward and she said she's now the victim of cyber bullying, one of the things we thought you should know. >>> plus, there's no food. water, we cannot live here. >> we're going to need to really scale up our operations on
for it in texas, let's build, you know, the and i the avionics in massachusetts and spread the jobs around so there's a whole lot people lobbying for aircraft to be ordered by the military. >> that's exactly what happened to the c27j. despite the plan to scrap the plane, ohio senators, and democratic sherrod brown both fought to keep production going, claiming hundreds of ohio jobs were on the line at national guard facilities there. >> there's an awful lot of politics and senators and cock man congressman looking to keep jobs in their districts. that's an efficient way to equip a military. >> with half a billion dollars already spent, the defense department is making plans to unload the remaining 14 aircraft. >> these will be regenerated for somebody in the federal government and i would expect fairly soon. >> what are the possible uses for this c27j? >> right now, the three most common, entities out there are special operations command, the forest service and coast guard. >> these handovers could end up costing taxpayers even more money. for example, america tonight reviewed the u.s. forest
military and veterans roundtables in massachusetts with holly petraeus, head of cfpb head of office of affairs. one issue for veterans is a growing scam involving the v.a.'s aid and attendance benefit, the benefit that helps cover the cost of nursing homes and in-home health aides for our disabled vets who don't have many resources. now, from what i understand the details of this scam are really grisly. a company offers to help a veteran sign up for the benefits. if the company determines the veteran has too many assets to qualify for the benefits, it tries to hide some of those assets by moving them to irrevocable trust or annuity that not only violates the spirit of the program, it often ends up hurting the veteran. the company generally charges huge fees, takes a fat cut of whatever financial product they end up selling to the veteran and moves the assets where the vets can't easily reach them meaning the veteran is actually in much worse financial shape than before the person applied for help. i understand one case where a veteran got set up with an annuity that wouldn't start p
, new york. from the first flakes flying in worcester, massachusetts to this little girl basking in well over a foot in southwest michigan. look at the temperatures slipping into the teens and the 20s in the great lakes and the first full freeze from boston to new york city. tomorrow morning the south is not spared. freezing as far south as dallas and atlanta all the way to the gulf coast. while the 10 to 20 below average chill would be short lived, aaa is reminding us it's time to get your vehicles ready. it's always good to keep a bag of cat litter or salt for traction in case your car gets stuck. have a basic tool kit with pliers and an adjustable wrench. finally a penny. yep, it's that simple to find out if you need new tires. take a penny and put it head first into a tire tread. if you can see all of lincoln's head you need new tires. if it goss down past the hairline, your tires are probably fine. we're doing the test here tonight. you can see this penny and this tread should be good for at least this winter. they'll probably have to work on it for next season. there are more than
: counihan was involved with massachusetts' health insurance rollout in 2006. scott, he says that taught him people don't buy insurance like they do a book or a car. they typically look at the options an average of 18 times before making up their minds. >> pelley: don, thanks very much. today, the justice department dropped its challenge to the merger of american airlines and u.s. airways after the airlines agreed to give up some of their takeoff and landing slots at a number of major airports. that will allow low-cost carriers such as jetblue and southwest to expand. if a judge approves the merger, it will create the largest airline in the world. inspectors are finding hazards in a pipeline designed to stretch across america. experts have made their ruling on whether the new world trade center really is america's tallest tower. and what's wiping out the starfish in california? when the "cbs evening news" continues. >> >> pelley: we've found evidence of construction problems on the most controversial pipeline in a generation. the keystone x.l. is designed to bring crude oil from canada to re
it was mexico city and then kenya and then brooklyn and then massachusetts -- and then oscar i think. i think. [applause] good night, everybody. good night. for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. aaah! aaaaah! theres a guy on the window! do something, dad! aaaah! aaaah! what is happening? they're rate suckers. their bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. good thing there's snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. stop paying for rate suckers. should be 30 feet below sur" that was brian webb at lake >>> this is kpix 5 news. >>> in a goodyear, the water should be almost all the way up to the parking lot where the
is still in the hospital with severe burns. >>> a massachusetts student wants the dictionary to stop using the current definition of the word gay. she was surprised to find the definition and wrote a level saying they should stop using thousand regulations. then say they were also really surprised. >> she said they are asking for censorship but with language, this is a change for of the better. >>> congressional, they are looking into the healthcare dot governor website and this is the government perform community on the website and whether online line security and zoom was not allowed. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano will make the opening remarks at 9:00 a.m. some are asking that secretary of homeland security janet napolitano step down and they say she is unfit after overseeing deportations as secretary of homeland security. governor brown is also expected to attend this morning area hearing. let's check in with torii campbell to see what is coming up on morning's on 2. good morning. >>> two female students report their spikes were then a all thed to avoid having this ha
at this chart. in the first month of massachusetts enrollment, only 3% of the total signed up. but there's a fast ramp-up over the course of the enrollment period. we'll see the same thing here. this is how it works. >> there is a deadline, and the federal government is saying i'm going to find you and punish you. in my stays we've had thousands of people. because of the artable care act, it's not just individuals, but companies as well. they've got 1500 small businesses that get their health kay through this group set. that's no longer legal. it's now legal for chambers of commerce all over the country to actually help provide small businesses a way to get insurance. all of those are out. this is not some little plan i asked directly, but todd park, who's lating this could not answer me whether by the 15th of december they'll have the web side ready. >> what's interesting is i asked that same question today. i know that jeffrey zientz -- when i asked the i.t. people running it and actually have to do the coding, they said that's our goal, but we could guarantee -- >> but we're going to
the state and federal marketplaces, 106,000, in this document as you point out the massachusetts model, remember romney care, the president had used so many times before as an example saying it was a model. they have figures here that contend that the rate of sign up was slower then. people have until march 31st to sign up through these marketplaces. there are a lot of people talking about extending that deadline and so far the administration is not budget on that. mike. >> mike viqueira, at the white house, thank you. >>> those who were fixing the troubled website were in the hot seat at capitol hill. lisa stark joins us from capitol hill with that part of the story. todd park was the man on the hot seat today. how did he respond to some of the stinging criticism he faced? >> well, he's the u.s. chief technology officer, and he was testifying under subpoena because the white house argued that he was too busy to come up here. he was subpoenaed so he did come to testify. he said it was frustrating, and he continues to insist that they're working around the clock to make the fixes. he
may face a challenge in the primaries. they are talking about elizabeth warren out of massachusetts as the potential recipient of liberal money to take the challenge. is there a chance? >> i think the liberal left is looking for a prospect. it is republicans that should be excited about it. the biggest fear on the right is that it is a karn nation with hillary clinton. they will battle it out like last time around and she gets to be anointed. if she has a primary challenge it will force hillary clinton to run to the left. >> given the fact that the first three states in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina two of which haare very strong in e it is of socialish oo yous, aren't the republicans going to force -- if chris christie runs won't he be forced to the right? >> we need to point out there was a new poll out that had christie against hillary clinton. i p can't image chris christie would be the choice here. i can't image they would run any one against hillary clinton. the lead said liberal leaders, why would liberal leaders want to mess with that or say look they thought about
to share evidence with his defense team. >> kids in high poverty areas in connecticut, massachusetts, new york, and tennessee are adding 300 hours to the school year additional instruction and enrichment. the length of the day varies by school but some are adding an hour and a half of extra study time. >> listen to the story. a man in colorado is alive this morning because of his dog. he was out skiing earlier this month when he hit a tree and he couldn't move. freezing temperatures were setting in and he says, what his dog juneau did was miraculous. >> i don't know if that was god reaching out to her, to me. she knew that i needed help. helped me dig out of the snow she laid on my legs and part of my body to keep me warm. >> she only left his side to get the tanks of other skiers who called for help and he was air lifted to the hospital. he still has a long recovery in front of him but he will always be grateful to his dog for helping save his life. >>> cha-ching. a rare orange diamond. that's what that is. it sells for a record $35.5 million at auction in switzerland. the gem found in s
and romney care in massachusetts, they had the rollout situation as well -- >> i'm having a very hard time with you guys on the left. because you are an honest guy. the president's promise, fundamental, if you like the plan you can keep it. 100 million americans are going the lose it. as a result of losing their plans, they lose their doctors, every american, $2500 saving, and you still defend it. >> let me just tell you, people who are having plans cancelled because they were inferior plans, in some cases it will get inferior plans. >> it is none of your business if it was inferior. >> young people, juan, who are you to decide? all right dana. >> the plans, so many people had no insurance, this is the opportunity to give more americans more insurance. >> in addition to the coercion and the lies, on top of that you also have dis-information and misinformation. the person in charge of fixing the website site, today it was reported he was not told about all the different security concerns about personal information. that is the other thing that is actually holding people back from going on a
.59. oakland, $3.63. national average, you get it, less than what he pay. just $3.18. a massachusetts teen using a mac book pro grow going up against giant, apple computer about the definition of the word gay the 15-year-old becka goreman looked up the word gay, and horrified to see the third entry says gay means foolish, stupid it was offensive to becka, who has two lesbian moms she complained to tim cook and to her surprise, apple promised to look into the matter. so far, however, the entry remains the game. coming up at 5:00 high tech toys. i team up with consumer reports to find out which ones should be on your holiday shopping list. and which shouldn't. >> good to show >> thank you. >> up next work underway to bring a new beach to the area. >> we'll give you at look at what is accomplished today. >> i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 headed to hawaii. who is paying for state lawmakers to say aloha to sand and surf? what this woman did to land her in the record books. also, bay area model, peacemaker now in a national ad that to those who'v to those whoworried...... poked and prodded...
, massachusetts may be doing the same. spending a whopping $500 a month just on heat. >> how much are your heating and gas bills draining you guys? >> it's significant, a vacations we're not taking. or money that's not going to the college fund. >> reporter: but where you might see a warm, inviting home. >> i brought my trusty thermal imaging camera for ya. >> reporter: energy expert is using that ghostbusters looking device, to see money flying right out the doors, and windows. >> we're looking at their front door. >> reporter: see those dark spots? that's cold air sneaking in through their front door. you had no idea? tip number one, weather strip your doors. >> this is a simple fix. will take us just a couple minutes and he'll be warmer all winter. >> reporter: in the living room, we discover more cold air coming in through the windows. but another hidden heat culprit, check out the floors too. >> i can feel a draft. >> reporter: tip number two, seal your base boards and caulk the windows. like that? >> perfect. perfect. so far we slashed $240 off their heating bill but we're not done. down sta
the first flakes flying in worcester, massachusetts, to this little girl basking in well over a foot in southwest michigan. look at the temps slipping in the teens and 20s in the great lakes and the first full freeze from boston to new york city. the south is not spared. freezing as far south as dallas and atlanta to the gulf coast. while the 10 to 20 degree below average chill will be short lived, aaa is reminding us to get vehicles going. keep cat litter or salt in case you get stuck. have a basic tool kit with pliers and a wrench and a penny. it is that simple to find out if you need new tires. put a penny in your tire tread. if you can see all of lincoln's head you need new tires if it is past his hairline your tires are fine. we're doing the test. i saw most of lincoln's head so this tire should be good for the season. there are 00,000 winter-related accidents every year. you want to get out and do the penny test on your car. ginger zee, abc news. >> as ginger said it's been cold overnight the east and folks in texas and the southeast will have a rude awakening with the arctic c
] [laughter] >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren was part of a senate panel requesting to handle the consumer financial protection bureau. >> she would write a poem and illustrate it. we have two examples here from when she was about 10 years old. jaclyn bouvier entered a well- known writing contest. her winning essay was a self- portrait. who are three people in history you wish you had known? are arst two she mentions french poet and oscar wilde, the author. jaclyn bouvier was hired as this inquiring camera girl for the washington times herald. one column that we have on is where she interviewed -- >> our first ladies series. sunday at noon on c-span. perseus continues monday as we look at first lady lady bird johnson. richard cordray took questions from member of the senate banking committee. senator tim johnson of south dakota is the chairman. [gavel] >> i call this hearing to order. welcome back to the committee. congratulations on your senate confirmation. continuere today to our work of oversight of the cfb . giving us time to import -- overview the important work, par the
in massachusetts and that is the experience we saw here. we expect that pattern to play marketplaces in the affordable care act. the fact that the website has been so problematic and challenging in the first month means that enrollment numbers will be even lower than expected. beyond that, i do not have specific figures. i anticipate that we will be releasing data about enrollment by the end of the week. >> the president spoke last week about problems with the rollout that needed to be fixed. -- i was referring to design my team to see what we could do to close some gaps in the law. he was addressing the issue of cancellations and some of the concerns he has about individuals who have had their existing policies canceled. has gotten a lot of attention. the problem with the website is being addressed by a team of tech experts. a punch list of problems that need to be fixed in different areas of the website and they have been working through that. ,hey are making progress gradual progress each day. there is no question that the website is functioning better today than it was a week ago
ready, skee-daddy? time for the "lightning round." we go to john in massachusetts. john? >> caller: hey, how are you? what do you think about 3-d systems? >> we prefer strat sis. that's been our one the whole time. the whole group is red hot, but stratus is the one we decided is the best. douglas in washington? >> caller: hey, jimbo, how is it going? >> all right how. you? >> caller: great, great. my stock is unt -- >> yeah, we got tired of unp. why? it missed the quarter really badly. we decided to exit on the strength. i got to tell you. i don't think you should own this stock north of 160. let's go to bobby in georgia. bobby? >> caller: great big georgia bulldog boo-yah to you, man. >> love them when they're on tv. can't get enough of the georgia bulldogs. what's up? >> caller: all right. i wanted to ask you about high max, himx. >> we like that. >> buy, buy, buy! >> but i don't believe their technology is that good or else google wouldn't be doing what they're doing with them. let's go to jonathan in washington. jonathan? >> caller: hey, jim, big fan. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm lo
system and we're seeing the future now and we'll see the future in massachusetts. >> what we're saying on the kudlow report we should have just had single payer, national health insurance, everybody, make medicare applicable to everybody in the country. i'm fine with that. >> medicaid -- >> do it right now. i'm 100% -- >> that's a great compromise position. >> great compromise position, medicaid for everybody. >> that's not my view. >> that's my view. >> it's medicaid not medicare. >> he said medicare. >> i don't want that. i want free choice. i want different tax reforms. >> you want what we had before. >> look. i want to give the tax break to the family and the individual. not the employer. i want people to have choice. look why should -- >> they are getting a tax credit. >> they are not. >> which is better. >> they won't get a tax credit. >> everybody can get the tax break. everybody buy insurance. >> huge tax increase. >> there's no such thing as a free lunch. the basic thing about medicaid is you get basic catastrophic coverage and do tax credits for people to get better insurance
, massachusetts, five years ago and be sent to an aisle of rice crispy bars, the land of bazillion calories. in all of what happens, these market share warriors are on the losing end of the movement and i can think of three clear-cut winners and you will understand that the first and most obvious is hain celestial. the most aggressive worldwide player and you have to read the last conference call. irwin simon is buying everything. he and he alone recognizes this is an exquisite moment for the industry. this is the true land grab. he's the only one that knows it. every register at every retailer must need natural and organic merchandise to sell. second is white wave. saw him yesterday on the show. here's a company that sells plant-based drinks. people like plants. they either don't trust the food chain or they don't want the calories that anything bovine-derived is going to give you. plants are fresher than old cows. almond is safer than dead meat. finally, there's clark's. people ask how can clark's be worth 90 bucks a share. consistency and big dividends matter. clark's is burt's bees. we
of the first year, 36,000 signed up in massachusetts. we've had 37,000 sign up in california already. and the fact is, yesterday the insurance commissioner announced a million californians were losing their insurance. this is a massively bigger problem than romney care and any comparison to it is i think almost silly. >> republicans are tripping over themselves to come out and talk about what gloria said, that this is embarrassing. one line from speaker john boehner's statement, above all this report is a symbol the failure of the president's health care law. it is a rolling calamity that must be scrapped. the loudest criticism is what we're not hearing from democrats so far, the sound of silence, tells you everything you need to know. >> to be completely honest, difficult time booking democrats to come on after those numbers were released, to have them come on and talk about fixing the problem. speaker gingrich, gloria, dana, thank you so much. house majority leader eric cantor will join me live on set in a few minutes. first let's go to the world lead in that hovg out of the philip
months as they did in massachusetts which enrolled only .3% or 123 people in its first month. we know from experience in the bay state that people tend to research and consider their options, talk things over with their families before making a purchase. this data represents only a month into a sustained six month enrollment and outreach effort. >> that's the headline from the news conference the phone conference. here is what is going to happen going forward here. secretary sebelius, it's our belief, will be answering questions from reporters. so we have their take on all of this. we know their take on all of this. news when people ask questions on this matter on this phone conference. our producers are monitoring that here on the fox news deck should anything of interest that we think might effect you or your lives come up, we will get to that right away. >>> the breaking news out of pittsburgh continues to -- continues to come in. new information on this shooting that's happened at brashear high school. i believe we still have some arterials coming. in these last glance kdka news a
, but they're better than the massachusetts numbers were in the first month. they're higher percentage of the uninsured who bought insurance. a lot of people are browsing. we know they're going to buy, much later. so those -- that's -- those are good numbers. i don't -- you know, it goes back to what the president said, and that now that we parse it, it wasn't true. and that's what's causing the trouble. if those -- if those representations hadn't been made, i don't think we would be having this controversy. but for president clinton to make it sound like, you know, it was written into the law that -- if you liked your policy you can keep it, to make it sound like the federal government made this promise, that's really not what happened. >> i also think stupidity and stubbornness are a horrible recipe. and so i don't know where else in people's lives they would fight to keep some crappy thing they have to pay monthly for when they are offered something better for the same price. >> that's not what's happening with everybody though of the. >> i a lot of people don't realize their plans
with the massachusetts board of pharmacy where the necc was located towkd to an array of compounding products. on october 25 of last year to explore the i.e.d. for legislation, the committee launched a bipartisan process to examine the respective state and federal roles in regulating compounding pharmacy. my oversight team worked with senator alexander's to gather documents from f.d.a. and the state of massachusetts that shed light upon how necc had been had been allowed to grow so large with so little oversight. last november we released an initial report and held a hearing exploring the statutory and regulatory gaps that contributed to this tragic. -- tragedy. our bipartisan investigation continued and culminated in a final report that was released may 22 of this year. over the course of this investigation we explored how drug compounding has evolved as an industry over the past couple of decades. now, drug compounding is a traditional and long-standing activity of pharmacies. it serves an important role in our health care system. compounding is when just a few people, maybe only one person needs a cer
pileup in buffalo, new york. from the first flakes flying in worcester, massachusetts, to this little girl basking in well over a foot in southwest michigan. look at the temps slipping in the teens and 20s in the great lakes and the first full freeze from boston to new york city. the south is not spared. freezing as far south as dallas and atlanta to the gulf coast. while the 10 to 20-degree below-average chill will be short-lived, aaa is reminding us it is time to get vehicles going. keep cat litter or salt in case you get stuck. have a basic tool kit with pliers and a wrench and a penny. it is that simple to find out if you need new tires. put a penny in your tire tread. put it head first. if you can see all of lincoln's head you need new tires if it is past his hairline your tires are fine. we're doing the test. i saw most of lincoln's head so this tire should be good for the season. there are 600,000 winter-related accidents every year. you want to get out and do the penny test on your car. ginger zee, abc news. >> well, as ginger said, it's been very cold overnight in the east. a
to explain what this is all about. >> a teenager in mz is leading the cam -- in massachusetts is leading the charge to define the word "gay." when she types the word in her mac word dictionary. she was shocked by what she saw. it said foolish and stupid. she said she felt hurt especially since she has two mothers who are lesbians. she wrote a letter to apple and heard back almost immediately. >> said that apple streams its dictionary from four different sources and they would have to fick out how to get it removed. they said they were surprised. >> she won't back down until the definitions are removed. she's asking for people to pass along their stories and share on social media. in our next hour, we'll hear what some people think about the campaign and get a glimpse of this young girl's success in the business world. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:46. boston mobster turned fbi informant whitey bulger is being sentenced. the 84-year-old man was found guilty of racketeering, extortion and money lawnerring. he was -- money laundering. prosecutors want a life sentence and say he's one
the massachusetts program on which this was built which enrolled 123 people in its first month, about which all the same stuff, you know the employers will all drop, the ploy i don't see won't take it. the people will just pay the fine, it won't get to you. all of those things were said. every one of them by many of the same economists and massachusetts is basically working pretty well. we had an expansion to a prescription drug entitlement under president bush t. computers the donut. then it was a different argument. then it was republicans don't like new programs, so they don't make it work. that's why it's failing. it's a bit different as an argument. it was the same thing, growing pains. then it worked. i promise if you go back to when it was enstalled, you will find that there weren't any computers, but, you know, are they going to get the pastal system working? are they going to get the files created and keep track of people's payrolls? that doesn't mean this isn't jer e serious. but my bet is that this is not going to be a history books, 25 years from now t. fact that america joined the
for states were coal does not have a large presence, like california and massachusetts. other regions of the country are well aware that coal provides nearly 40% of our nation's electricity. as such, to hold a hearing and demsh kentucky to hear the concerns of coal country. since epa refuses to come i decided on the half of the kentucky coal miners and the families that i would bring their concerns to you myself. if the epa will not listen to us, we will come here to the epa. i know it is clear that this administration and your agency have declared war on coal. this means a war on jobs and on our state economy. the president has outright stated his intentions for the coal industry. this is what he had to say -- if someone wants to build a coal power plant, they can. it is just that it will bankrupt them because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all of the greenhouse gas that is being emitted. that is direct quote from the president of the united states. one of the first things he did mong taking office in 2009 was to push through congress' cap and trade bill to try to push i
quorum call: ms. warren: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from massachusetts. ms. warren: i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to a period of morning business with senators -- the presiding officer: the senate is in a quorum call. ms. warren: i ask that the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. warren: thank you. i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to a period of morning business with senators permitted to speak for up to ten minutes each. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. warren: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of calendar number 227, s. 1557. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: calendar number 227, s. 1557, a bill to amend the public health service act to reauthorize support for graduate medical education programs in children's hospitals. the presiding officer: is there objection to proceeding to the measure? without objection the senate will proceed. ms. warren: i further ask that the bill be read a third time and pafpbd the mo
in massachusetts. jenna: thank you so much for that analysis. >> thank you. jon: new developments in the miami dolphins bullying scandal. the nfl postponed a meeting with the alleged victim, jonathan martin. investigators digging deep and what was going on between martin and richie incognito. taking a look at our president, you can see a change in their physical appearance from when they took the job and in what they look like a few years end. experts blame stress were quickly aging them. jenna: i'm glad we can show our pictures. [laughter] jon: no way, were not going to do that. [laughter] but research says that this can have a similar effect on everyday folks. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious. gravy and more, (knochello? hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. that's hilarious. sorry. you shoulda taken it to midas. ge
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